Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ken Rename V1.02

Ken Rename is a multi-file rename utility
2010/11/19 update

License: Freeware
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Portable 1
Portable 2

change log

Main Features
# Renaming with macro, high flexibility
# Filter files with wildcard
# Use multi-actions to rename and can change order
# Create a numbered file list
# Can undo rename
# Unicode support
# Set File Attribute
# Multi-Language support
# Select Folder in Windows expldorer with context menu
# Drag Files or Folders from Windows Explorer
# Rename by Preset with Windows Explorer
# Preview rename results are shown immediately
# Export and Import rename file list
# Save actions as Preset
# Picture preview
# Custom keyboard shortcuts
# Command-line support
# External editor tools support(eg: ID3 Tag editor)
# Remember folder history
# Rename group files by filename

Renaming methods
# Convert to upper or lowercase
# Replace a string with any string
# Use Regular Expression with Replace
# Keep only certain letters of the file name
# Insert or Remove a string by spcified position
# Convert of code page
# ID3v1, ID3v2 tag support
# EXIF tag support
# VBScript support
# HTML, HTTP, URL encode and decode

V1.0Beta 2010/10/17 download (for advanced user)Changes a lot, may have some bugs, please be tolerant


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Dan said...

I've been wanting a program like this and love it. Would it be possible to save the actions performed on files?

I download files regularly that need exactly the same rename functions performed on the list of files. Having a preset rather than building rules new each time would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
great tool, easy to use and great features.
Exactly what I was searching for!!!
Best regards from Germany

pronet25 said...

Hi dan,
Thanks for your opinion and I am glad you love it. The function you mention will complete in a few days.

Hi Frank,
I am glad you found this tool helpful.

David said...


It seems I'm not understanding how this should work. I'm trying to rename files that end in .bak to .bak.[today's date], so for today, that would be .bak->.bak.20081022. I've done this once, so I'm trying to use a regular expression match to match only those that haven't already been done. Using the replace tab, clicking the regular expression button, and entering .bak$ in the find box, and .bak.20081022 in the replace box gives me the preview I expect, but when I try to run the rename, I get the message: "Contains illegle Char:/:!\*|"?<> or whitespace". As you can see, I've actually not entered any of these. Can you help me figure out how to do what I want to do?

David said...

Of course, I'd figure out the problem as soon as I've posted. I have a filename that has "!" in it, and even though I'm not changing that part of it (I'm leaving the "!" alone), it seems unable to rename the file. Is there any chance of being able to ignore the character if it's already there?

pronet25 said...

Hi David,
I'm sorry. Yes,"!" should be legal char.
It will be fixed in next version.

Volker said...

Hi Ken,

do you need any help for generating a german language file? I'd like to help there...


pronet25 said...

Hi Volker,

It would be great if you can help to transfer.
Please send me a copy to my EMail:

Anonymous said...

wow. i am constantly looking for a better renamer app, and i found it!

the only feature request i could use is to be able to change the counter to work over 100. right now i can start numbering a file any number over 100. sometimes i have an image sequince that starts at 1 but really needs to start at 200. Or even 1000 sometimes...

totaly cool.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Any chance of adding the context menu to Vista and also allowing to edit EXIF data?

pronet25 said...

well, it is a bug you cannot start numbering a file any number over 100 actually, thanks for found it.
I've fixed it but it has a limit of 32767, I guess you know why.Please download the program again.

I don't know about
adding the context menu to Vista means, But edit EXIF data will not implement cause it is a Rename program, maybe I will make a EXIF editor by chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the program, it is awesome!
I'm having a problem getting it to work with a network folder. When I select any of the local hard drives there are no problems, but when I select one of my network folders the program doesn't refresh the file list.

Anonymous said...

in tools > option(s) > startup

it would be nice to make POSSIBLE (not a must!) set custom startup folder by browsing functionality or to have suggested the currently selected folder in your GUI.

other pre-set options could be the current user "documents" folder (using system functions to avoid problems within win2000/xp/vista and localized versions)


PS what about a powerful commandline version? :)

pronet25 said...

Hi Guillermo,
I just test it in network neighborhood with another PC, and works fine.
So I am not sure what your problem is.

pronet25 said...

Hi Pantoufle,
Thanks for suggestions. I'll add the features in next version, but don't expect commandline version too much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
I've tried different computers in my home network with no luck. the drive I'm try to get is a network folder in a dns-323 nas server. I know it uses samba internally, but I have multiple OS and none seem to have a problem opening any files or listing them. The path explorer has no problems getting to the folder "Y:\Pictures" but the custom grid doesn't show any files even though the filter is set on *.*
The complete path I'm trying to access would be:

Ken said...

Hi Pantoufle,
Check if the files have archive attribute.

Bia said...

Hi, the program doesn't work on my PC. It minimize in the bar at the bottom of the desktop, and I can't open it.
I have windows xp.

Ken said...

Hi Bia,
I hadn't found the problem before, check the task manager if there is another krename.exe running.

Gilbert said...

Just download your tool, never tried it yet, but I'm please to see how you you react in front of suggestion. TKS in advance

dadecoders said...

If you take a little time and go through your My Pictures folder and apply this technique(i.e rename all files at a time to all your photos, the next time you try to find a specific photo you'll be glad that you did. And if you get into the practice of applying this technique right after you download your images to your computer, your digital photos will be well-organized and up-to-date as you accumulate digital memorie

open folder which contain images or any other images(files) which you want to rename sequentially.
now whatever files you are selected are appear in blue coloured selected files.
just right click on the first image(file) and select renamehere type "marriage"then press enterNow you can see that all the files are name as
marriage (1)
marriage (2)....

Ken said...

Hi Gilbert,
Hope you found the tool helps.:)

Eric said...

A couple of comments:
1. Thanks for an awesome program!
2. Any chance the right-click could work not just on folders but selected files?
3. DaDecoders has the right idea, but not far enough. Here's my solution-

Select all your pics in a group, right-click the first file and Rename. Change it to
yearmonthday space description (1), ie...
20081116 Disney (1).jpg

This will make it first, all others will number behind it.
THEN! Use Ken's Rename to rename the first 9 files to add '0' (zero) after the first ( parenthesis. This makes it
20081116 Disney (01).jpg.
This is a great help in sorting.

Also, if there's more than 100 files, after doing the first 9 files, rename the first 99 with another zero.

The reason is in viewing w/o the zero you go 1, 10,11...19, 2, 20...
My way fixes this and is more ...
elegant. ;-)

Thanks again Ken!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a batch of file names in which I want to replace all the spaces with underlines. Can Ken Rename do that job, and, if so, how do I set it up for that?


Anonymous said...

Duh! As soon as I posted the previous question, I saw the "Replace" tab and accomplished the task. Great little program, Ken! You saved me a lot of work.


Anonymous said...

I have a large batch of filenames that include as part of each filename the format nnnxnnn, where the three ns on each side of the x represent file dimensions, but the numbers vary from file to file.

Is there a way to write a macro or otherwise to delete all cases of three wildcard numbers, an x, and then three wildcard numbers, while retaining the rest of the filename?
So that, for example, 640x480 in one filename and 800x720 in another filename both would be deleted from the filename without affecting the rest of the name.


Ken said...

Hi Bill,

Use Regular Expression in Replace tab, set "\d+x\d+" as replace string.

Ken said...

Thanks DaDecoders and Eric for your suggestions. Now you can rename a serial of files like Explorer and right-click on selected files of Explorer to rename. Please test if it works.:)

Netsaver said...

nice program.
Does exist a help file?
I have many files with dot in the names, as 'pippo.pluto.-.2005.-.avi', want to replace dots with blank spaces, but the program seems to use blanks only to remove.

Netsaver said...

Duh! Now I replaced "." with " " and it worked! Now I get "pippo pluto" instead of pippopluto. Probably it was my fault...
Anyway there's a help file explaining regular expressions, like "\d+x\d+" in previous post?

Ken said...

I am trying to find a good tool to generate help file. There is a Readme.txt file about Regular Expression in the program's directory.

Hmm... I think blank means empty string. I had add new feature "Exlude Ext" to prevent from change file extension, you can download again to test it.

Jesse said...

Thank you...THank You...Thank You!

You saved my Thanksgiving Weekend!

Great program.

Keep up the good work.


Ken said...

Hi Jesse,
Happy Thanksgiving.:)

Anonymous said...

When you turn this off it leaves two processes running in the background. [NUKE}

gragus said...

Very nice job.
I just wished more encodings were supported. I have a lot of files whose filenames are in windows-1251 and other encodings and I wished I could translate them into UTF-8.

Ken said...

It did happen two processes running in the background, but not happen anymore, maybe somehow fixed.

Hi gragus, thanks for your suggestion, but NTFS only supports UTF-16.

Anonymous said...

I do not know enough about NTFS, and if you say that it supports UTF-16 and not UTF-8, it will be true. However, I have loads of MP3 and other files that have been created on FATxx based machines with non-English locales. They are mostly Windows-1251 based, but also KOI8-R and others. When I view these files in Windows explorer (on Win XP and later), there is no problem and both, the Latin and the Cyrillic characters contained in those files names are rendered OK. However, most other Windows programs render weird signs instead of the Cyrillic characters.

I imagine that 100s if not 1000s of people would love it if you extended your software to be able to convert a variety of file name char encodings originating from Win32 systems to UTF-X whatever the appropriate X is.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above,

I am not sure what you mean by
"Win32", but Windows 2000 and above store file names in unicode no matter what the language is (Russian Windows, English Windows, etc.). Now those programs that can't render Cyrillic characters correctly do not support unicode. Sometimes making your regional setting Russian from Control Panel can help. If not, there is nothing a renamer can do (other than getting rid of Cyrillic characters).

Anonymous said...

First of all, I find this a very handy tool. Thanx!

Then I found this bug. Everytime when I close the program it leaves his process running in the background. I'm using the context-menu option on dir's often and therefor I can't delete the directory after changing it's contents, because the backgroundprocess keeps it in use.


pronet25 said...

Hi Ronald, I can not reproduce the bug, do you remember what operations you have done before close the program?

PS: I have add more code page convertions, someone may test if it works.

harry said...

Awesome program! Great job, and, thank you for allowing us to use it.

harry said...

Awesome utility! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great utility, thank you!

I think the ability to rename by import list is awesome, but slow. Currently trying to rename 170,000 .jpg files (4K each) via the import list. No success. Tried in blocks of 10,000 but application crashed after I tried to highlight the files to rename after the import was successful. Have duo Intel 2.53 Ghz processors and 3Gb RAM on WinXP.

Jan said...

I don't like that even the portable version registers the shell extension - but a great program nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing this as Freeware!

My feature request is to filter files by regex in addition to replace by regex.

If you receive donations I'd like to give you one :)

The forums at are currently down by the way.

Anonymous said...

An issue I just noticed: When renaming lots of files, folder and subfolders, when there are files and/or folders selected to be renamed that are located in folders that were renamed in the same selection, the files and/or folders can't be found and a new search must be done.

Just to let you know. I guess this gets really complex and might bnot be fixable...

Anonymous said...

And a small other feature request or idea: 'Open containing folder' option when right clicking a search result.

... but just brilliant :)

Ken said...

The app is not design for large amount of import list initially.
I will change the way of reading import list.

Hi Jan, you can disable "Integrated with Windows Explorer" in Options menu.

Ken said...

Hi Anonymous?

I am not sure what you mean, if you has a folder (A) that has subfolder(B) and/or files(C), then you should rename B,C before A, or you will get error because B,C can't be found. So you want the app adjust the order of rename to avoid it?

Thanks for your suggestion.

Ken said...

Hi guys,

The forums have been transfered to new site:forums
The account of members seems still there:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Yep, that's what I meant and indeed just changing the order, bottom-up, would solve it, great thinking.

CJ said...

This is better than the paid app that I have been using for years - easier to use and incredibly flexible.

Thank you!

Ken said...

I add an option "order by folder before rename", seems to be working fine, but pay attention when you set buffer lines.

Hi CJ, grad to hear my program helpful:)

Dan said...

Ken -

I'm the "Dan" at the top of the comments page. This is a great little app. I use it weekly, and it saves TONS of time. Have you considered making a command line interface for this that can be used in batch files?

Keep up the great work and communication.

Ken said...

Hi dan,
Yes, I am trying to make a command line interface, but be patient since it is not a easy work:)

Beck said...

Wow this is way better than the paid File Rename Deluxe I've been using. The Import List function is something I've been wanting for ages. Thanks a lot. :)

Francisco said...

Hi Ken,

The shell extension annoys me a bit, so I tried to uninstall it and it is still there. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of the entry on the right-click menu of a directory. What can I do to remove it?

Thanks and keep up the good work. :)


Ken said...

Hi Beck and Francisco:
You are welcome.

To Francisco, Check faq

Anonymous said...

It's a nice tool, Ken, and I find it quite useful. Thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Powerfull and very easy to use. I saved a lot a time using your program.

Thanks a lot.

Pierre-Yves (France).

Anonymous said...

Just thank you,

This program is really wonderfull for peoples that have to manage a lot of pictures

Regards from Belgium


contrefacteur said...

Thank you SO much for this, it saves me incredible amounts of time at work.

Greets from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Great tool!
I am missing the shutter speed in from the EXIF data though.


Anonymous said...

Before I found your tool , I used my own VB6 hack.

When renaming digital images I sometimes have both the a extention .CR2(Canon RAW) and the the .JPG

The filenames are identical but the extention is different.

I was planning to use your tool to include EXIF data to filename but
I do not see how I can get the same filename on both the raw and the jpg file using your tool.
Could you give me a hint of how to do this?
* * *
In addition to this:
The raw image does not have exif info so maybe that could be sampled from the corresponding jpeg in some way?

Ken said...

What I can think of is rename .jpg first with EXIF, but keep original filename as prefix, then use Script to compare prefix of .jpg and .CR2, and rename .CR2 and .jpg, not sure it's the best way though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

Great Job!

Like Dan above, I'm interested in the command line interface. How is the work going?


Ken said...

Hi Paolo,

Still working on it but stuck on someplace, hope it will coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi -- I love this program, and am trying to replace it now that I've replaced my HD; unfortunately, the installer link is reporting a bandwidth overage. Is there a mirror link anywhere?

xspikesx said...


is there another link for d/l? bandwidth exceeded.


Ken said...

You may download from softpedia or

Marios Taki said...

How do I make the software exclude more than one file extension?

Thanks in advance

Ken said...

You can use semicolon as delimiter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

its a funny apps, because only with this I can also rename cyrillic file names into german or english.

Only one question: How to save the macros? (all Actions I add are removed at the next start). Is there a place in the INI-File?

Peter from Germany

Ken said...

Hi Peter,
Why don't you save actions as preset?
Or you want to save macros only?

Anonymous said...

Is there an option to remove specified text from filenames like the one in RenameMaster? I can't seem to find such an option

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above,

Look at the Replace tab and see what it says.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

I am the one who asked about the remove function two places above. Thanks to anonymous my question has been solved... to some extent. Is there any way to remove more than one unique word or character. I am reviewing different rename utilities to see which suits my needs best. I found out that in bulk rename you can seperate different words to remove by using the semicolon. I tried this in ken rename but it doesn't seem to work. Is there something that I am not seeing (again)?

Thanks in advance
Marios Taki

Marios Taki said...

Hi again

I just thought of making a feature request. To drag-n-drop folders to rename their containing files. (feature of file renamer deluxe)

Have a nice day,
Marios Taki

Marios Taki said...

Hi again

Is there a way to copy/move the newly renamed files/folders to a specified directory after the renaming process?

Thanks in advance,
Marios Taki

Fishkill Bill said...

Thank you for providing a great product!

I could use some basic help, if you don't mind.

I simply want to rename files inputted from my camera and those already in folders.

I use the form of date taken and three digit counter. Along with keeping the file extension.

(eg. 2009-04-25-001.jpeg or .avi)

I need to keep the original extension.



Marios Taki said...

@ Fishkill Bill

Go to the macro tab and press clear. Then chose date -> created, type the dash character "-", press counter and increase "digit(s)" to 3, finally press the Ext button.

p.s If you don't want the time to be showed alongside the date go to tools-> options-> in the rename tab modify the date format to your liking

Hope this helps ;)
Marios Taki

Fishkill Bill said...


Thank you very much, it works great now.


Anonymous said...


Please look at the forum.

baghera8 said...

Hi Ken,

Terrific tool!
Intuitive interface, powerful functionality - much thanks!


Paul said...

Hi Ken

Used this tool a few times now, took me a while to find one that had all the functions I need. This is excellent, thankyou.
Do you have a paypal account for donations? definately worth paying for.


Ken said...

Hi Paul,
You can make a donation here.
Thanks for your support.:)

Anonymous said...

Great tool. I have photos that are 'sorted' in a folder, that I would like append a number to the beginning. The tool appears to pull the files in alphabetically, rather than sort order. Is there a way to pull them sort order - I'd rather not re-sort 1000+ files.


sky said...

Brilliant utility and a breeze to use. Many thanks.

Gmacri said...

Hi Ken!

I tried other similar software and I realized that Ken Rename is indeed the best.
Best regards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
Great tool! I've tryed several rename sw and finally I've chosen yours.
I rename tons of files every day. Very helpful.
It would be good if we can save our actions.
Thanks from Brazil.

arasheed said...

Thank you for this gr8 tool.

I have many files in the format of 04_06_09 - filename.ext
The first 8 digits are the date in dd_mm_yy format. i need to rename the files into yymmdd - filename.ext

please help.

Ken said...

You can save actions as preset.

Options->Rename->date format

arasheed said...

Ken, thanks for the reply. my question was not about the date format. sorry if i wasnt clear.

it was about manipulating the text in the filename. if you have an option/function/action such as left() mid() right() which would be great to work with the filename text easily.

thanks in advance.

Ken said...

Ok, you may use Script to do it(follow the demos)
or use Replace with Regular expression checked.

replace: (\d{2})(_\d{2}_)(\d{2})
to: $3$2$1

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken!

How transform Cyrillic letters to Latin? How use file grk&cyr-lat.txt?

This NOT preset format...


Ken said...


I am not familiar with Cyrillic letters and Latin, but the file grk&cyr-lat.txt do loaded as Preset to Actions.

Zen @ ASUS Eee PC said...

Nice Software! Pinned at

Anonymous said...

Very nice software...however extremely unstable. Maybe it is because I pointed the software to my 1.5TB drive of MP3 files and started renaming them or the software just crashes over and over and blacks out my screen. It copies my right side of my screen and displays it on the left side x2 then crashes. Dell GX620, Windows XP SP3, 4 gig RAM, 250GB drive, TCP-IP Network to 1.5TB Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. Hope that helps track the issues.

Anonymous said...

I am using 0.88beta.

In the Replace tab, when I add a entry with the "Regular Expression" option checked (with "Add Action +"), there is no indication in the box at the right that it is a regular expression. Also, when I click on the entry in the box on the right and press "<- Get Action" the fields are filled in with the correct regular expression text, but the "Regular Expression" option is not automatically checked. If I want to modify one of my existing regular expressions, I always have to remember to recheck the "Regular Expression" box before pressing "Replace ->". Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

Ken Rename 0.88
Windows XP

Hi Ken,
I have just tried it out. It works well -- Thanks!

But, I discovered that "Ken Rename 0.88" somehow disables the Context menu in another application, 7-Zip.

I asked Igor Pavlov - the developer of 7-Zip - about this, but he did not know how to solve the problem.
See my message at the 7-Zip Forum (with some screenshots):

After un-installing "Ken Rename 0.88" the 7-Zip Context menu becomes accessible.

Thanks again.
Thomas Jedenfelt

Anonymous said...

This is the best Windows file renaming utility on the net. It is unfortunate that there is not a MAC version of "Ken Rename".

muckinfangled said...

I was using a older version of your application with no issue. I believe it was V0.77 or something similar. Yet I always like to use the latest builds of all programs, So I was delighted to see there had been updates to Ken Rename.
However when I upgraded and installed V0.88 suddenly the "open" command (At the top) as well as a few commands in the context menu in Windows 7 no longer were visible or did not work. I uninstalled V.088 and installed V0.89Beta and it works beautifully. I just wish it had a installer for convenience sake. After trying so many re-namers from other programmers I personally believe that Ken Rename is simply the best.
Thank You

Marco said...

Hi Ken,

it is possible to rename folders and subfolders at the same time?


Ken said...

Thanks for your opinion, but the installer only for released version, the beta build is for advanced user to test.

Of course, but remember rename
subfolders before folders.
(Check Toos->Options->Rename->
Order by Folder before Rename)

Please post your questions at
Forums, the blog is only for comment.

Anonymous said...

Link 1 - 404 "Not found"

muckinfangled said...

New 0.90 beta really good. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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I have pinned the software there as well!!!!

Ed said...

Awesome! It really works, and it's well designed too, this is a keeper. You have my sincere appreciation. Thank you.

V0.90beta on XP Pro used to remove Chinese characters from file names.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see such good customer support (on a free app none the less)Could I ask what KR.exe does? It comes up in my PortableApps directory and was wondering If I could move it to a sub directory without effecting the programs running capability?

derty2 said...

Hi Ken,
Your program is great.
I especially like the fact you can make macros and add them as presets in the Windows Context Menu. The main reason I (constantly) use your program is to rename all, including recursed, to lowercase. _BUT_ the right-click presets option only activates on files and NOT folders !!
That's a REAL BUMMER for me. It forces me to keep another program in the menu, namely "CopyAs" to do this. Could you PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE update the right-click presets function to work from a folder. Thanks for your time Ken.

derty2 said...

Comment #2 from me:

A quote from a previous post above:

> Very nice software...however extremely unstable.
> Maybe it is because I pointed the software to
> my 1.5TB drive of MP3 files and started
> renaming them or the software just
> crashes over and over

Well Ken... I found I had the same problem. I didn't get screen blackouts but your program froze on trying to perform a task on 700 GB of music files.

The main program I use for file processing is ANT RENAMER. It is my all-time favorite renaming tool.
The GUI is just so sensible and easy to use. It NEVER EVER crashes on any task you throw at it, and it is blinding fast. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the right-click presets macros functionality, so I use your tool a lot too. Cheers again --derty2

P.S. please don't be offended by the above comments, I'm just trying to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

Love your rename tool, has enough flexibility for advanced users. thanks for spending your time on freeware like this. my only complaint is that it breaks the WinRAR shell integration. If I disable your shell integration the Winrar extension works again.

from Canada

Anonymous said...

I stared at this thing for several minutes wondering, 'how do I make it rename something?' Finally I figured out to right-click.

Maybe I forget how long it took me to figure it out, but I prefer the Flexible Renamer displays results. I'm not a power user, and I don;t have TB of files to work with.

Simply FWIW: ppreciate you guys who put this stuff out there!

Anonymous said...

What a utility! This is right up there with Notepad++.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between "Portable 1" and "Portable 2"?

Anonymous said...

Great program!
What makes the difference among others is the "Import list" option.


Cassidy said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for writing this very useful tool!

I'm trying to use it to arrange some photos from a few different cameras in chronological order (according to the date when they were originally shot). The images all have EXIF data in them, and Windows XP reports the "photo taken" date correctly, but Ken Rename V0.88 doesn't. (It seems to think the "photo date" is the same as the "modified" date.)

Is this something that you've already fixed in v0.9 maybe? Or is there some other way for me to access the date when the photo was taken?

Philipp said...

Awesome program! Thanks! It works really well converting unreadable Cyrilic file names to English. For example my mp3 player won't read the Russian file names correctly.

Nick, UK said...

Great tool Ken, and really easy to use (unlike a couple of other bits of software from elsewhere that I have tried recently).

This is a massive timesaver: what used to take hours of work can now be done in seconds. Thanks Again!


Ken said...

KR.exe is a command-line tool and for use preset of context menu in Explorer.

Ken said...

Hi Peter,
I heard many about WinRar shell integration problem, but I can not reproduce the bug...

Only different download link

After check the photo date with Win XP, I found there some photos date are the same and some photos not. Maybe I pick the wrong data field.

Ben said...

I love this program, but just found out that it screws up the right click context menu in Win7. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix?

funkymonkey said...

Ken, this program is excellent.


I've had a problem trying to run it under windows 7 as it disables the context menu for 7 zip and also removes the 'open' command from the context menu (as stated above by muckinfangled & others)

Is the beta version (0.93) safe to use on windows 7?


funkymonkey said...

just re-installed v0.88 - unticked 'integrated with windows explorer' in ken rename & context menu problem is solved. 7zip ok too.

Alexander said...

100% Recommend this Renamer Utility!!

lets u insert, remove characters.

Amin said...

Hi, I have just started using Ken Rename and am struggling with the Import List option. I have a number of files (within subfolders) that need to be renamed. I have a list of the current filenames and the associated new filenames. However when when I paste the the list using the format suggested (Folder|filename|new filename) I cannot successfully rename the files. Do I need to structure the format in a particular way? I have been entering the fullpath details

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Anonymous said...

I really love this program.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

love the renamer but still having troubles with all of the betas and explorer integration in Win 7 x64. If I enable it in options the rename option only shows up when right click on c:\ drive. any other folder or file it does not appear. I have tried registering the krenameshell.dll and krenameshell64.dll with no change. what is the method of registering your dlls with your beta versions ?

Peter (from Vancouver Canada)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ken, this program is excellent.


I've had a problem trying to run it under windows 7 as it disables the context menu for 7 zip and also removes the 'open' command from the context menu (as stated above by muckinfangled & others)

Is the beta version (0.93) safe to use on windows 7?

Rename Files

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

OK, finally figured it out. to make the beta versions work in Win7 x64 (the context menu), install the full version 0.88 using the set-up. this works in W7 like this I have found. then extract the beta version of KR to the install directory of the v0.88 (in C:\Program Files (x86), overwriting all files when prompted. The Beta version will then work from the context menu in explorer.

Anonymous said...

I love this utility, we're going to serve lots thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it helps, but I've personally just started using Batch Rename .exe to rename all my files. Works like a charm, and easy.

André said...

Man, your program will save me A LOT OF TIME!!!

JDM said...

Malwarebytes now declares that the 2 executables (KR.exe and KRename.exe) contain Trojan.Dropper.PGen This applies to all versions of KenRename that I have... .88, .90 and .96

Is this a false positive?

Fred said...

I'm getting the same Malwarebytes alert as JDM describes, above. Would like to hear from the programmer before I delete this nice program.

Fred said...

Followup to above post: Virus Total ( finds virus problems with this program in 3 of 43 antivirus engines. Jotti's malware scan page ( finds a virus in 1 of 19 scanning engines. I think I will uninstall until I hear from the developer. Will check back from time to time in this forum to see if there are updates and to read about other users' experiences.

Hza said...

Ken, your program is the sh-t. Absolutely intuitive, fast, & powerful. Thanks for making it.

lechu said...

I've trying several renamers for years, and this one is by far the best one I've ever used. you should publish it even more!

I am a little bit worried about what it could be a false possitive on my antimalware software (malwarebytes), as it has found the KR.exe file to be a suspicious executable:

last but not least, is there a way of following KR updates? the RSS system does not do its job, and I would love not to have to visit always this post in order to know if a new release comes out.

great job! keep it up!

Ken said...

@JDM, @Fred:
I think it is because I use a
packer to compress executable file(Rename.exe KR.exe), it reduce the file size and make programs load faster. I can promise you there is NO Trojan or Virus in my program. As Fred said, most antivirus engines report it's clean. If you doubt about it, just uninstall it.

Ken said...

Thanks for your comment.
You can try subcribe my forum to get the newest info.

Enrico said...

Hello everyone!

I think this program is awesome.

The fact is that i CAN'T use the "Import List" option. I tried 100 times but nothing.

Could anyone explain me how to use it?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great little program ! I have been using for several years, but several versions, including latest one, gives the error "" is not a valid integer value." when you execute a renumber.

This happens on both my Laptop and Desk PC - both running XP SP3.

Anybody else get this ? Anybody know why ?

Maikel said...

I discovered the tool a few weeks ago. Great little program!. I can help you to create a language file in Dutch if you like?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the program.

I'd really to see the programs to able to display and rename all files including those in all sub-folders.

For example: I'd like to add date_taken in front of all the files in "My Pictures" folder that has many sub-folders like "vacation" "school" "friends" etc.

johnny said...

this prog is awesome!! it effectively changes all the filename from Simplied Chinese to Traditional ones...
Thanks Ken!!

Anthony said...

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Old Dude said...

Where's Ken? No comments for a year and Byethost24 seems to be "Out of Order". Still, a great program, I just wish I had a manual or help file so I'd know how to use wildcards.

Shiv said...

very great work.i am founded it.

thank:) :)

Nikhil Thorawade said...

Great work.
Which platform you used to make this renaming or vb?

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Ken's Rename is an amazing tool to manually edit all files and rename your files and folders.
Thanks Dude for the Download file!
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Mutiara said...

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Cara Sianturi said...

Hi Ken

Used this tool a few times now, took me a while to find one that had all the functions I need. This is excellent, thankyou.
Do you have a paypal account for donations? definately worth paying for.


DJ Frank Bringhurst said...

are you still updating this app?

Chiuchimu said...

Once the folderview window is closed to the right, it never opens again!

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