Saturday, October 4, 2008

SwitchDisplay V0.12

SwitchDisplay is a quick switch screen modes utility

This is a free utility lets you switch screen modes (resolution, color depth and frequency) , simply toggle between them use mouse click or hotkey. It's very useful when you occasionally switch between vary screen modes.

For example, you mostly use LCD with 1024x768, 32-bit, 75Hz mode, but sometimes you need use projector with 800x600, 16-bit, 60Hz.

Just unpack the program to a new folder, and run it.

When you first run SwitchDisplay it will list all available screen modes.
Select the preferred screen modes from available setting and add to active setting.
It will switch screen modes by order of active setting, you can change order by press up or down button.

Press Change button to change to selected screen mode instantly.
Press Reset button or reset hotkey to restore to original screen mode.

After setting up the preferred modes, left click on tray icon or hotkey to switch them.
If the current mode matches the original mode, the next mode will be switched.
Right click on tray icon to show context menu, middle click will close the program.

Caution: If change make monitor turn off, press reset hotkey to restore.

You can also change display mode use command line from DOS prompt or a bat file.
To do so the configured display modes could be numbered referring to the order they are configured 1st = 1 2nd = 2 and so on.
Ex: SDisplay.exe 2
To enforce the 2nd configured mode.

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