Sunday, December 2, 2007

AutoSerial V0.11

A utility to input serial number automatically

In most software, you can't input serial number by one simple Copy and Paste action, but type into every input field manually. While the program can input serial number by one keystroke and provide a simple serial number management, you don't need to find serial number everywhere, save a lot of time.

How to Use:
1 Click [Add Serial] to add new serial number.
2 Select the serial number of AutoSerial, and make sure your target program's input field is active.
3 Click [Send] to input serial number into the program automatically.

PS: Right-click on the item will pop up a menu to edit or delete serial number

You can setup how to handle minus signs "-", default is convert to Tab key.

+minimize to system tray


Anonymous said...

Nice piece of software. I had been looking for something like this before. Unfortunately I have already found it in ArsClip... (paste text using mimic typing)

Anil Thakkar said...

excellent software. This is something i was looking for!

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Sabri Technologies said...

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